Randy Hadley

Randy Hadley, world renowned performance coach and owner of RHFITPRO PERFORMANCE CENTER in Orlando, Florida, has been in the strength & conditioning industry for 15+ years. He has had the opportunity to work with athletes in multiple arenas from around the world at the highest level. Randy continues to study, research and develop new and cutting-edge ways of training to give his athletes an advantage in overall health and well-being, as well as top level performances.

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TRAIN Insane or Remain the Same


We're Not The Same

RHFITPRO redefines the term "Strength Coach." Our program consists of an extensive evaluation, structured implementation and an aggressive yet progressive adaptation that transcends all athletes on any level.

Strong is What Happens When You Run Out of Weak

5 Principles

We Train for Life

RHFITPRO trains for more than performance. We train for LIFE. We instill these 5 Principles in all of our clients. When you are a client or athlete of RHFITPRO, you understand that it's bigger than just lifting weights.

  • Discipline
  • Structure
  • Commitment
  • Consistency

RHFITPRO Testimonials

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  • "Working with Randy for over 17 years, I developed a very different method for my preparation as an athlete. Over the span of my career, Randy's approach goes far beyond just physical benefits. I can honestly say my career lasted 20 years through major career ending injuries, and All Star seasons because Randy found ways to help me defy the odds."

    Jason Grilli
    • Jason Grilli
    • MLB
  • "I started my journey with Randy when I was a freshman in high school. I had always been athletic but awkward. I learned quickly how much more potential my body had to grow. At first my dream was to play D1 baseball then I realized I would have the potential to play professionally. Randy and I have been on this journey since high school, and it is just the beginning. I now play for the Detroit Tigers and am continuing to pursue my dreams of playing in the major leagues. I would not be half the athlete I am today without Randy Hadley and his unconditional support to fulfill my dreams."

    Austin Stone Bergner
    • Austin Stone Bergner
    • MLB
  • "Coach is a passionate leader. He has a unique and detailed form of teaching that not only covers strength and conditioning but equips you for the every day challenges of life. Discipline, Structure, Commitment, Consistency and Confidence are all strategically place in his method of teaching, coaching and Living. Understanding to embrace the process and appreciate hard work to produce results is one that he takes very seriously." In the words of Coach Hadley, "Get comfortable being uncomfortable."

    • Randy McNair
    • AKG Fitness
  • "I started working with Coach Randy in my freshman year of high school. At the time I was struggling with back and knee problems dating back to when I was 11 years old. Since working with him I’ve not only eliminated those problems, but I’ve greatly improved my speed, mobility and strength.

    RHFitpro has a relaxed but very focused environment which allows for frequent open discussions. The workouts vary in length according to what needs to be done and any outside workload.

    Overall since working out/growing through high school with RHFitpro I’ve learned invaluable life lessons and have through Randy gained not only a fitness coach but a teacher, a mentor, a friend and family."

    Dylan Adams
    • Dylan Adams
    • Baseball
  • "Training with Randy has really changed my whole mindset of hard work. It’s not like all the other programs that show off everything you do in the weight room and try to max out on everything. He truly trains to make you the best athlete you can be in your sport. Also he never runs out of exercises as soon as you think you get comfortable he changes thinks up."

    Hunter Cattoor
    • Hunter Cattoor
    • Basketball
  • "Working out at RHFITPRO with Randy and his family has been nothing short of life changing! He uses his knowledge and expertise not only to challenge you physically, but also mentally. Randy truly listens to your needs, and tailors your individual workouts to help you push to meet your goals, and then exceed them. The best in town, that keeps you coming back for more! Thank you Randy!"

    Taylor Cattoor
    • Taylor Calabrese
  • "From the moment I stepped in RHFITPRO 4 years ago, I knew this place was something special. Despite being away in college during these four years, the advice that Randy has given me to take care of my body in the gym, on the court, and off the court is a main reason why I was capable of competing at a high level. Once you step into the gym, you are expected to give everything you got and nothing less. With the physical discipline to have proper technique and take care of your body and the mental fortitude to face challenges and overcome obstacles that you didn’t think were possible, RHFITPRO will push you to become a better athlete but more importantly a better individual. The awareness, care, and knowledge that Randy and his family have brought to me to make me a better individual is the reason why I keep coming back and consider them family."

    Bryce Cattoor
    • Bryce Cattoor
    • Volleyball
  • "Randy is the best I've seen in this business because of his attention to detail with each athlete. Randy has a tailored plan to fit their needs and focus on their improvements. That's what I love the most about bringing my guys to RHFITPRO, I know they are in the best hands, and I know he is going to do what's best for them individually."

    Darryl Hardin
    • Darryl Hardin
    • Ghost Player Development
  • "Training with Randy has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my athletic career. Randy has not only trained me to be a better athlete physically, but mentally as well. He coaches strength training specific for the athlete's success in his or her sport, and he teaches us to understand the purpose behind every exercise we do. Randy creates an environment of high standards, where holding yourself accountable is demanded, working hard is expected, and getting better is inevitable. If you put in the effort, the time, and the commitment, he won't let you fail."

    Gracie Ryan
    • Gracie Ryan
    • Volleyball
  • "I have worked with Randy for more than 10 years. It has always been a team effort returning injured athletes back to their game. In training he pays attention to the fine details and proper body mechanics. Randy pushes his athletes to their limits but does so in a way where he motivates them and shows how much he cares. Randy helps each athlete achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential!"

    Melissa Brown
    • Melissa Brown
    • PT
  • "Since we have began training with Randy we have seen tremendous improvements in strength and conditioning. Randy inspired us to a greater belief system and continues to push us to limits we didn’t know we had in the past. We do things differently!"

    Arianna & Angeline Bergner
    • Arianna & Angeline Bergner
    • Beach Volleyball
  • "After total knee reconstruction I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to play basketball competitively again.. Randy helped me rehab back; I returned stronger, faster + jumping higher than ever before..I also left with a newfound understanding of my body mentally and physically. Always willing to engage athletes in any discussion, he offers advice and perspective that is invaluable. While he‘s worked with some of the worlds absolute most elite athletes, he never made me feel out of place—in fact he only instilled in me the confidence that I could be that too! If you commit to him how he commits to you your ceiling is truly limitless and your true potential will be revealed!"

    • Elliott Glegg
    • Basketball
  • "Coach Randy has upped my game in all aspects: from speed, agility, and mobility to strength and endurance. I started training with him as an athlete, preparing for college baseball, and there is a reason that I’m still around nearly a decade later—no longer playing competitive sports. From training to mentoring, Randy has taught me more than I could learn in school and has gotten me in consistently better shape than all other strength coaches I’ve ever had combined. No one else pushes you to get to the next level quite the same way; RHFITPRO is a lifestyle."

    • Rob Secrist
    • Former Baseball
  • "I started training with Randy the last two years of my Track and Field career. When I started training with Randy, I could see the difference in my performance in practice and track meets. I was not that tired in practice because he made sure my workouts on the track worked hand in hand with my workouts in the gym. All of my workouts in the gym were always challenging and sometimes made me wonder why I was doing it! LOL! But with everything I learned from Randy, he was not just a coach in the gym, he was a friend I could talk to and for that I am grateful. He made sure my last couple of years were some of the best in my career. He made sure I was always physically and mentally ready for my races.

    If you are an athlete looking to go to the next phase of your career, either high school looking for college or college to pro, this is the person that you need to go to- trust me. You will not regret making this choice. He takes the time to make sure your workout is custom to you and makes sure you are achieving the goals that you set.

    He might show up at your practice without you knowing or even your meets/games. He makes sure that he is there for you. He goes above and beyond to make sure that you get the best coach in him.

    He will challenge you and he will take you out of your comfort zone. Things I thought I was good at I quickly learned that I was not, lol. I wish that I wouldn't have waited that long to train with Randy, but I'd rather experienced two amazing years than nothing at all. Again, if you're looking for a coach, Randy is the person to go to hands down. "

    Novlene Williams-Mills
    • Novlene Williams-Mills
    • 400m Sprinter
  • "When it comes to RHFITPRO it feels great to be trained by someone who takes my fitness, strength and conditioning as serious as I do. The level of professionalism that Coach Randy approaches every client with is simply the best. I love that he invests the same amount of energy regardless of the athletes skill level if you show the right amount of drive. Randy is simply the best!"

    Kai Jones
    • Kai Jones
    • Basketball


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